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You're interested in spending some time in Germany, learning the German language or you're simply looking for some information on the country? Then you have come to the right place!

In this section of the website, we're providing you with information about youth mobility, international meetings and programmes in Germany. Besides basic information on topics such as travelling and accomodation, we're also introducing German organisations that are active in the areas of international exchange, information on sponsorship opportunities, on German language courses and on jobs and internships.

More Information links about studying, working, voluntary work and travelling in Germany (and the other European countries) can be found in the information box below!

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    Studying in Germany

    Lots of young people from abroad decide to study at a German university for one or more semesters. If you're interested in living and studying in Germany, you can find all relevant information on the hompage of the  German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The DAAD has a global network of branch offices and information centres. You can find the contact information on

    The German Academic Exchange Service, in cooperation with Federal Ministry of Education and Research, also launched the campaign "Study in Germany. Land of ideas". On their website, you will find further information on studying in Germany as well as ways to connect with other foreign students in the country. On top of that, the campaign runs a very popular Facebook-page ( that gives you the opportunity to consult the experts at the German Academic Exchange Service, in case you have any questions.

    Moreover you can find special information for refugees who want to study in Germany on this website:

    Further information for international students can also be found on the website of the German Student Services (Deutsches Studentenwerk):

    General information about visa regulations, residence permit and work permit you can find here.

    There is a wide network called Erasmus Student Network (, whose mission is to support exchange students before, during and after their study abroad period. Erasmus students as well as students from other programs are welcome to contact ESN Germany ( to get information about support, events, projects etc.

    If you're interested in completing your entire university education at a university of applied sciences ('Fachhochschule') in Germany and you haven't received your school-leaving certificate in Germany, the 'International Foundation Programme' by the GIZ can help you to pass the assessment test and/or to fulfill the German language requirement. You'll find more info on the programme as well as application formalities under the following link:  

    Scholarship Opportunities for studying in Germany

    Whoever wants to study in Germany and needs support may contact the  German Academic Exchange Service. It provides detailed information on support options for foreign students from their scholarship database. In addition, the German Academic Exchange Service informs about the German higher education system and presents options for learning German in Germany.

    The Educational Exchange Service ( informs about school students exchanges with Germany. In addition to counselling and arrangement of partners, you can get information about sponsorship opportunities with different countries.
    For further information please contact the Service directly:

    Several political foundations in Germany support study and research projects of young people from abroad:

    The Society for Student Exchange in Central and Eastern Europe (GFPS) e.V. awards scholarships for Poles ( and Czechs ( who want to study in Germany.

    Helpful videos

    Watching this video ( you'll find information on the average amount of money you'll need as a student in Germany.
    This video informs about possible tuition fees at German universities and other spendings for studying in Germany.

    If you need a job during your studies, the following video helps you with general information on student jobs:
    If you want to know, how much German you need to know in order to study in Germany, check out this video:
    If you don't know any German yet, you'll find a helpful video called "German for beginners" under