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You're interested in spending some time in Germany, learning the German language or you're simply looking for some information on the country? Then you have come to the right place!

In this section of the website, we're providing you with information about youth mobility, international meetings and programmes in Germany. Besides basic information on topics such as travelling and accomodation, we're also introducing German organisations that are active in the areas of international exchange, information on sponsorship opportunities, on German language courses and on jobs and internships.

More Information links about studying, working, voluntary work and travelling in Germany (and the other European countries) can be found in the information box below!

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    Voluntary Services

    Being a volunteer means investing your time and energy for the benefits of others without financial gain, for example working for a non-profit organisation. As a volunteer you may work in many different fields such as health, arts and culture, social care or environment.

    Short-term volunteering

    During short-term voluntary services you work for 1-4 weeks as a volunteer. These services offer the possibility to learn more about the life in Germany. For only a small agency fee, you get the chance to participate in a workcamp or help on a farm. In return you will get free board and lodging.

    Long-term volunteering

    Long-term voluntary services can last between 3 and 24 months and are a useful opportunity to use the time after school and before you start working or studying. Furthermore long-term voluntary services enable you to experience the host country and its culture and gain social and intercultural competences.


    In this video international volunteers talk about their experience during a Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) in Germany (it is partly in English - from 1:03 and 2:22)

     Beim Abspielen werden Daten an YouTube gesendet. Okay

    More videos from international volunteers in Germany you can find on the AKLHÜ's YouTube Channel.