If you are interested in a short-term voluntary service in Germany, an international workcamp might be the right thing for you. Usually 10-30 young people from different countries participate in a non-profit project for 2-4 weeks. These camps intend to encourage intercultural exchange and deal with ecological, social, cultural or artistical issues. For example, you organize a theatre play or renovate an old playground. You do not need German language skills, since the working language usually is English.

In most cases workcamps are open to young people that are 18 to 25 or 30 years old, but there are also so-called Teenager/Junior-Workcamps, in which you can already participate at the age of 14. During the day, you work for 4-6 hours, five days a week. Afternoons and weekends are free and open for own projects and group events. Most workcamps take place during the summer from June to August, some begin in September/October.

Information about Workcamps in Germany can be found under (information only in German). Detailed information about organisations which offer workcamps in Germany is listed in our database. For the spontaneous among you: In the Last Minute market you can search for free workcamps in Germany that will take place in the very near future.